Maid of the Forth

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Inchcolm Weddings

Inchcolm Abbey is a unique and beautiful venue for a wedding and can make for a truly memorable day.  

The bride is usually hidden in the Captains cabin for the journey to the Island so remains hidden from the rest of the wedding party until she arrives in the Abbey.

The maximum number of guests which can be accomodated in the Abbey is 100 but it is also perfectly suited for smaller groups of only 5- 10 guests.There are a two options available for getting your guests to and from the Island as follows:

Wedding using a Private Charter of Maid of the Forth

This option gives you exclusive use of the vessel for you and your guests to and from Inchcolm Island. The fixed cost for this option varies depending on when in the season you wish to book and can be confirmed by calling our booking office to discuss the details.

The Maid of the Forth is licensed to carry 225 passengers but we recommend a maximum of 100 guests as we can accomodate this number in the enclosed areas of the boat (and this is the maximum number of guests the Abbey can accomodate for a wedding).

Wedding using a Scheduled sailing on Maid of the Forth

This is the best option for small parties, you can just pre - book as many tickets as you wish on a public sailing to the Island and simply pay the current ferry fares for your guests to get to and from the Island.

Arrival at the Island

Inchcolm Island and Abbey are owned by Historic Scotland.  They employ two Custodians to live out on the Island to look after it. Historic Scotland charge £600 for the use of the Abbey for a wedding.  The custodians will set the chairs in the Abbey, put out your flowers, and make sure your chosen room is looking at its best.

Once at the Island the groom, best man and guests all disembark the boat first and the bride remains hidden until all guests are out of sight before she gets off the boat and makes her way up to the Abbey.

The most popular room in the Abbey to hold a ceremony is in the Refectory which will hold 100 guests (seating for approx 90) - standing room for the rest!!.  There is also the Chapter House which is a lovely octagonal shaped room suitable for up to 20 guests.

You then have 1½ hours on the Island to have the wedding ceremony in the abbey, have some photos taken ,celebrate with a glass of bubbly and relax on the island before boarding the boat again and heading back to the Hawes Pier and onwards to your reception venue.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Flowers - These can be taken out to the Island on the earlier sailing of the day and the Custodians will set them up - please note this is limited to ONE tabletop display.  - If any additional flowers are wanted - it is up to the wedding party to take them to the island on the wedding sailing and set them up themselves

Drinks / Food - A celebratory glass of champagne can be provided on the Island for your guests to enjoy while the photographs are being taken. Canapes / finger buffets can be provided on the return journey on the boat, for private charter options only .  All food and drink must be supplied by Maid of the Forth, you are not permitted to bring your own Drinks or food for the boat or the Island.

Ministers/Celebrant - We pass on details of either a Church of Scotland Minister or a Humanist Celebrant to conduct your ceremony, or feel free to arrange your own.

Paperwork - Although the boat leaves from South Queensferry, Inchcolm Island is officially part of Fife, therefore the local registry office you need to contact is

Adverse Weather - this one always gets asked!! We have been taking weddings out to Incholm Island for over 15 years now and we have never had to cancel any.  There is of course a risk that we get a force 10 easterly gale on the day you chose to get married which could prevent us from getting to the Island. In this situation we would simply board all of the wedding party at the Hawes Pier and then head upriver to find sheltered waters and you can have the ceremony on the boat.  

Music - We can help you find a Piper  /  Harpist or Organist for playing in the Abbey or you can simply bring along a CD player to play your favourite music. 

Power /Lighting - There is no electricity supply in the Abbey. Both of the the rooms used for weddings are very bright with natural daylight, however LED powered tea-light candles can halp to make a lovely lighting effect in the huge fireplace at the end of the Refectory.  Battery powered ipod dock / stereos will be needed if you want music played during the ceremony.

Candles - Unfortunatley candles are not allowed in the Abbey. 

Any other queries - please give us a call!

Useful Wedding Links


Roddy the Piper is definately one of the worlds best pipers, a genuinely nice guy and a good laugh!! Through his company Reel Time Events he can provide all of your musical requirements for your big day.

Reception Venues

Orrocco Pier is about a 10 min walk from the Hawes Pier and is a popular reception venue.


Absolutely Fabulous - Arthur has done lots of weddings out on Inchcolm and so knows the venue really well and where and how to get the best shots of your big day. - All of the wedding photos on this page were taken by him.

Blue Sky Photography  - Their tagline on their site is 'Brilliant photography by nice people' and it very true! - Neils and Alie really know how to put you at ease on your big day, they take fantastic photos, and are genuinely nice people to have at your wedding!

Brilliant video of a wedding on Inchcolm in 2012 so you can see what your day could be like

Inchcolm Island Wedding Video from Adam Troup on Vimeo.

Sightseeing Tours

Relax and enjoy a 90 min boat trip to get the best close up views of the Forth Bridges and Inchcolm Island.

Inchcolm Island

You have the option of landing where you have 90 mins to explore with its historic abbey, beaches and fortifications.  

Seafari Adventures

Feeling a bit more adventurous? Why not book onto one of our high speed tours on board one of our Seafari Adventures Ribs.